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 Posted: Sep 13 2014, 02:29 PM

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► Mallory Vivian Sophia Thornton, born Mallory Ashford, was born in Berkshire, England. She stayed there until she was ten years old, and then her and her family moved to Santa Monica, California.

► She went to UCLA and stayed there after college. She got a degree in business, and ended up a personal assistant to a TV producer.

► While helping her boss go over contestant entries for Survivor, Mallory jokingly offered to go to the Island because everyone was a little bland that season. That's how she ended up on Survivor.

► While on the show, Mallory got stuck with a team that was trying to make deals instead of win challenge. After the third lost challenge, Mal confronted her team about it. They didn't really listen until Jack backed her up.

► From there, Mallory and Jack became impromptu captains, and pretty quickly started a relationship. They tried to keep it secret, but when producers found out, to shake things up, they separate the two to different tribes. They continued to see each other in secret. They lasted the rest of the show, and Mallory is pretty sure it was rigged, but they were the final two. Mallory didn't win, but Jack did. He proposed on the live reunion.

► Mallory and Jack have been on reality tv ever since. They got a wedding show, and then a every day show. Despite being a reality tv star, Mallory is nothing like the Kardashian type and resents being compared to them.

► The two moved from LA to Vista Cove after a home invasion. Besides, it's a much better place to start a family, which they're trying to do.

► She's not a typical airheaded attention seeker that people think when they imagine reality television. She's got a good head on her shoulders. She can be stubborn and sometimes annoying because she's gotten really used to cameras following her around. She likes to help....even if it means she gets involved with stuff she's not supposed to. Mallory's got a quick wit, and a dry sense of humor that makes for interesting television, but not always good friendship. She's bubbly and befriends everyone she can.

Friends: Mallory would love having some friends here! She left most of her friends behind, whether it be in Santa Monica or in Los Angeles, so she might be kind of lonely without some new friends. If they can handle the cameras in their faces while they hang out with her, she'd be eternally grateful to them and probably buy them stuff. And try to help them, even if she can't really help.

Enemies: Mallory can be kind of much for some people. While she thinks tv hasn't changed her much, she can be a lot more theatrical than normal people because of the cameras. That makes it easy for her to step on toes. Plus, if she thinks people are only using her for fame, whether or not it's true, she'll call them out on it and then cut them out of her life.

Lovers: Mallory and Jack are quite happily married, thank you very much. No cheating scandals or anything. Besides, they're having a baby! Past boyfriends are good, though!

► Dr. JJ Tan was born in Fresno to two Chinese immigrants. Joseph Jeffery spent a lot of his life hating that his family raised him to speak Chinese and more or less live in the culture his family was a part of for generations. He eventually understood that it was a blessing and that he didn't have to give up his family's traditions just because they were in America now. So, he's about mixing the two now, and if anyone were to visit his practice, they'd know which one is his office pretty much immediately.

► He went to school at UC Davis for Psychology, and after graduating, he went home to Fresno. He worked as a bartender during his joint Masters/PhD program, where he learned to make all sorts of cool drinks he still makes.

► JJ came with his business partner/mentor to Vista Cove to start a practice about four months ago. He jokes about not being the kind of doctor his parents wanted, but he's doing really well for himself and taking care of his parents now because they gave up so much for him.

► JJ has a pretty good sense of humor. In all of his years of studying, he found that humor is a good way to make people feel more comfortable. While he knows when to be serious with his patients, he sometimes misses the cue in more subtle situations.

► JJ has his mother's desire to take care of people. that was the reason he become a psychologist. The older he got, the more he valued talking to people and learning about them, but he also felt the need to constantly try to help them. The more classes he took, the more he understood their motivations, but that didn't make him a good person to help. It was the nurturing nature he had seen his mother have with just about everyone who ever went through their apartment. He took after her in a lot of ways, with her patience and her cooking skills and desire to feed just about anyone who comes through her home.

Friends: JJ is a pretty friendly person, so hopefully he'd have friends! Unless they went to school together or if they knew each other from Fresno, everyone would be a new friend to him! He'd be down with new friends, or old friends...really friends in general. JJ seriously is the kind of person to just sit with someone at a bar or somewhere and just strike up a conversation.

Enemies: He could just as easily make enemies in vista cove. He sometimes picks up on things that he probably should just ignore and he brings it up in otherwise friendly conversation. He also hasn't quite gotten the point that some people aren't really okay with that. ► Lovers: JJ is pretty much a free agent as far as lovers go. Except he's secretly hooking up with his mentor's sister. He's spent so much of his life focusing mostly on school and then his job that dates and such aren't in the forefront of his mind. He definitely has exes because he wasn't a complete shut in, but the dedication to his future would have pretty much ended any relationship. Plus, he's a total momma's boy so if his mother wouldn't like her, that would also not be good.

► Stella Jones (28) has traveled the world, but decided to settle down in Vista Cove about two years ago. She's been a ton of places, but she repeatedly went to Milan, New York and Paris when she was traveling with her mother. She then went to boarding school in London. After flitting around for a couple years, she went to Pastry school in Paris and came to Vista Cove for a home.

► She is the owner and baker of the Queen of Tarts. She makes all sorts of high-end baked goods and chocolates, but also some homestyle favorites. She spends 12 hours a day there, working and doing what she loves. She's been known to give out free food. A lot.

► Stella has an incredible, somewhat comical fear of bugs. When she was young, her older sisters put her into a bath full of bugs which put Stella in a hospital for a week. That pretty much speaks volumes as to how her family feels about her. She's the youngest of four girls, and the only one under six feet tall (she's 5'10). Her dad took off before she was born, which her family blames her for.

► Thanks to her shitty family life, Stella has learned that showing affection is being mean. It took her a long time to realize that her family actually pretty much hated her. so, that's kind of how she deals with people. she knows enough not to be a total bitch to everyone, but she has no problem telling people they're a dumb piece of shit and mean that she loves them. She's actively trying to change and be nicer, but old habits die hard.

► Stella dyes her hair fun colors all of the time. One day it'll be pink, then the next green, and the next purple gradient. She likes to have fun. She also sometimes wears a lip ring.

Friends: Stella is mean to the people she loves. Not all the time, but if she calls a person a "stupid bitch", it's more than likely a compliment. Needless to say, she knows that it makes her hard to deal with but she can't really stop herself. She loves her friends to death, mostly because she didn't have really any growing up, moving around as much as she did. If they can put up with her, Stella would literally take a bullet for them.

Enemies: Understandably, Stella's mean streak certainly rubs people the wrong way at times. Enemies are just as likely a thing as friends. Plus, if she actually hates someone for being awful to the people she cares about, they'll know. She tries not to be another annoying trust fund baby, but sometimes it gets the better of her and that would also probably rub people the wrong way.

Lovers: Here's the thing, Stella's currently catfishing Miles Hudson. She's actually really into him and if anyone asks, she has a boyfriend. But for right now, he doesn't know. And it's kind of a mess.

► Ezra Roberts (22) is one of the eight children in the Roberts clan. He's number 7 out of 8. He was born and raised in Vista Cove, and he's incredibly close to his siblings.

► He went to school in Austin, Texas in an effort to step out of his family's shadow, but it didn't work as well as he had planned. That's why he has no problem coming home.

► Ezra is a fairly successful writer. He's written two novels that managed to snag spots on the New York Times Best Sellers list. Both topped out at number 5, but that's still a big deal for him. He's also written a video game that got released on Steam for his senior project with a couple friends game developer friends of his for their senior projects. It got greenlit and it's starting to gain momentum. He hopes to write video games for companies like Bioware in the future.

► Something else that Ezra does with his friends is make films on Youtube. They've got like 20,000 views, and some don't make too much sense. Some are just silly. But he loves making them! Sometimes he just sits in front of a camera and tells a story, sometimes he talking about his favorite movies or his creating process. And his love of cardboard. The man really loves his cardboard.

Friends: Ezra is a nice guy, and even though his family is full of the money, he's as far away from a spoiled brat as he can be. He's an independent soul that enjoys being silly and making people smile. He grew up in Vista Cove, so he definitely has some old friends here that he'll be more than happy to see again. He's also got no problem making some new friends.

Enemies: Everyone has them, and Ezra is no exception. Obviously, if someone has a problem with a Roberts sibling or in-law, they'll have a problem with Ezra. He's loyal to a fault. Ezra can get a little weird sometimes, which can put people off as well. He'll have had his bratty moments when he was young, and some people hold grudges.

Lovers: Ezra is very much a believer in love, but he also believes that love when you're young like he is, it's hard. People grow and change and sometimes, you don't do it together. He'll have had a serious girlfriend in high school but it didn't work out. And he would have dated girls in Austin and maybe even now. He's whole final situation is up in the air, so hit me with your best shot!

Riley Austin Reed (28) was born and raised in Vista Cove. He did a year of community college and then transferred to NYU and was there until his mom got cancer two years ago. So, now he's back to take care of her.

► He's the older brother of Fiona, and the older step-brother to Xander. However, Austin doesn't really consider him family because Austin is very protective of his mom and sister because their dad was a cheating scumbag. He does, however, consider his cousin Colton family.

► The whole divorce thing took its toll on poor Austin. Between ages 16 and 18, he suffered from a pretty serious drug addiction that ended with him in rehab after he tried to commit suicide. He's since been through counseling and rehab, and he's well off now.

► Austin went to New York for college, and spend between ages 19 and 27 there. He went through his undergrad, took a couple years off to make films for the festival circuit, and then started his graduate degree. But his mom got sick and he came home to be a hotel manager and pay off her medical bills. It's slowly killing his soul, but he'd do anything for his mom.

► Austin is a pretty calm dude. It takes a lot to get under his skin, which is mostly because he honestly believes that he's seen it all. It also means he doesn't care about much else outside his family. He comes off as an asshole sometimes because of it. ► He is also is pretty untrusting, but that goes hand in hand with his father being a scumbag. That shit follows a person.

Friends: Austin is sort of going to be in a weird position for friends, at least as far as other locals are considered. He started doing drugs in high school and lost pretty much all of his old friends and made new ones. However, after rehab, he dropped contact with his druggie friends. Then, he left to go to NYU where he met a lot of cool people and now he's back. Maybe he could be coming back into contact with his old friends, from before his addiction days. And for anyone who isn't a local, he's totally down for being friends. The fact nothing gets under his skin means that he's easy to get along with, and he can generally find something in common with people.

Enemies: Any of Austin's addiction phase friends would pretty much be an enemy of his. He doesn't have any place for them in his life anymore, and he's paranoid that he's going to fall back into his old habits so he's trying to keep them as far away from him as possible. Austin is also a pretty carefree dude, but it seems like he completely doesn't care at all. He doesn't understand how to show people he cares, and that sets some people off. He just doesn't care enough to do something about it.

Lovers: Austin, who was convinced he was straight, is in a weird relationship with James Abbot. They're final and not going anywhere, but old flames work. Just keep in mind, like father like son. He's a shitty boyfriend.

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