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 Posted: Sep 8 2016, 08:08 PM

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lorna maye dockery
26, native, fashion blogger
carey mulligan
full name lorna maye dockery
date of birth 21 march 1988
hometown cape cod, massachusetts

father scott dockery
mother anna dockery
1 brother
1 sister
5 questions
if you won 1 million dollars, what would you do with it?
oh gosh, if i won a million dollars, i don't know what i'd do! probably expand my closet, honestly. buy more clothes too. i'd put some of it away because that's the smart thing to do, isn't it? maybe i'd buy something for my sister and my brother. anything they want! and then...oh gosh. honestly, i wouldn't know what to do with it! i can't even imagine having that much money.

what were you doing on a typical friday night in college? partying or studying?
i did both! i'm not big on partying, but i didn't spend all of my friday nights in my dorm room by myself. it totally depended on the friday, but i could either go out with a group of friends from one of my classes or go to the movies or stay in and cook! the journalism majors were super great about changing things up. probably half the reason i loved that major so much.

what is currently in your pockets?
i wish more than 10% of my clothes had pockets and that out of the that 10% that more than 3% of those pockets were real. still! if you check my purse you'll find a cell phone,which i never leave home without, and a wallet that has a hundred dollars of emergency cash and then a debit card and some credit cards as well as some loyalty program cards because sales! there's also an envelope of receipts so i can keep track of things and return things if need be. let's see, what else...there's usually some lipstick in there, but that changes depending on the outfit. probably some loose change, my keys, and tampons.

as a species, our genealogy means a lot and we constantly seek our roots. can you shed some light on your own family life?
well, my family is really tight-knit. my mom died when i was six, so dad raised my older brother, my twin sister and me on his own. and he did the best job! he's the greatest dad. he liked to use the whole cop thing to scare away whatever boy liked avery or me, but he's actually not as scary as he likes the boys to believe. my brother owen though? he's just like dad when it comes to stuff like that, which is super annoying, but i love him all the same. owen is the best big brother i could ever ask for and i know he has my back, which makes me feel a thousand percent better about everything, really. and then i have avery and we're twins, so it stands to reason we're close. the best thing about being a twin is that i've had a best friend literally since birth and while it sucks being the younger twin, i'm the taller one and also probably the prettier one.

"got any secrets you wanna get off your chest?
when i was growing up, there was this boy. he and i were inseparable pretty much from the first day of kindergarten on. spent every day together, pretty much. we started dating in middle school and we dated until he left for school in a big city. he wanted me to go with him, but i couldn't you know? my family is so incredibly important to me, and i couldn't just move that far away. i was hoping he'd understand...but he left. just gone. fucked me up pretty bad. i was a wreck for years after that. i was so used to him being around that i didn't know life without him. i wasn't okay for a long time. honestly, i was just getting back on my feet when bam there he is. and i was mad. livid. and i wanted to keep being, but i love him, you know? we're soulmates, him and i. nothing's going to change that. we're trying to work things out, but i know avery and owen would freak out if they knew. probably flip out on me. definitely kill him. i just...can't bear life without him and i don't think they know that.

4 traits

nurturing i can be kind of mother-y towards people at times. i guess the word is nurturing? i care about people a lot and i want to make sure they're okay! even if that means doing things like bring them food when they're sick or stroking their hair when they're sad. everyone has a comfort thing, you know? i just make it my business to know what everyone's is, as far as the people i care about are concerned. i just like to know people are taken care of! there's nothing wrong with that.

logical logic is a great thing to have, especially if you're a journalist. granted, i decided to not pursue a normal career in journalism, but i learned a lot of good life skills. how to look at things from a standpoint that really allows you to see everything, how to deal with people, how to solve problems. it's pretty great.

shallow this was more when i was young, but i guess i can still be a little shallow? in high school, if you didn't mean my standards, you weren't worth my time. i guess i'm still that way with people, but i like to think i'm more open-minded than i used to be. mostly, now, it's with men. instead of everyone. so that's progress, right?

stubborn i don't like fights, not one bit, mostly because of the yelling, but i'm still stubborn. i guess i can be really set in my ways and don't like people trying to change my mind about anything really. if i've decided something, i'm going with it. no matter what anyone thinks, that's going to change.

est, none, 19

This is Lorna Doone Dockery, but she'll answer to most variations of her name. She's 26 and a professional blogger, concentrating mostly on fashion, but she'll blog about whatever strikes her fancy. She originally wanted to be a news anchor, but Lorna found blogging to be much more convenient.

She was born and raised in Cape Cod, along with her twin sister, Avery and her older brother, Owen. They're super close since her mother died and she honestly can't remember a time when they weren't tight knit. She loves them and she'd do whatever she'd have to for them in a heartbeat. She's a total Daddy's girl, except since she's getting older, she's trying not to be. Trying. But failing.

Lorna is just as outgoing as her younger sister, though not quite as loud. She's opinionated as anything and wouldn't mind getting into a debate with anyone about anything. Yet, the second it turns to yelling, she'll shut down completely. Lorna isn't big on yelling, makes her uncomfortable. She prides herself on being logical, and informed like a good journalist should be. She's not a stick in the mud, though. She'll let loose and have a good time, again, not to the extent her sister does. Most of the time, she's seen mothering other people, coaxing them off tables and keys out of their hands. Lorna has the mothering instinct and there isn't a thing that can be done about it. She's extremely protective of her sister and will go to just about any means necessary to protect Avery.

Lorna is stubborn as anything. It's hard to win a fight against her because she'll barely listen to anything anyone else has to say and go on asserting why she's right and they're not. She's also a bit on the shallow side. If someone's up to her standards on both the attractive scale and the intelligence scale, you can expect her not to spend too much time with them. Lorna has a few deep seeded trust issues that she more than likely won't talk to anyone, even her sister about. Except her sister already knows, but Lorna doesn't know that.

Friends: I would hope she'd have some! She is lovely, albeit a bit sarcastic, but who isn't these days?! She absolutely needs people to hang out with besides her sister and brother and she'll consider anyone. Whether or not they'll meet her standards is another matter entirely, but it doesn't hurt to try. If you make the cut, the girl is sweet as molasses and cares deeply.

Enemies: Anyone who she hasn't deemed worthy of her time will know it. She'll act differently, a little more harsh, around them and I doubt they'll like her very much. Anyone who has anything against her siblings is an enemy of Lorna's as well.

Lovers:Lorna's got an ex who fucked her up pretty bad emotionally when he up and left after high school. But he's coming back around and they're trying to work it out. But that's top secret.

- lorna dockery
26. outgoing. opinionated. stubborn. shallow. mothering. logical.



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