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missy Posted on Oct 9 2016, 01:21 PM
---- -----. 30 - 45. boss.
this request is for mallory's boss who she's pretty in love with. she's worked for him for a couple years now as his personal assistant (he’s a sport agent!). basically, she's in charge of whatever he doesn't want to deal with: remembering birthdays, ordering lunch, picking up his dry cleaning, arranging travel and whatever else he might need done.

here's the thing about him: he's an ass. as far as he's concerned, he has to be an ass because that's how you make it in the business world. he's demanding and unapologetic and everything that someone would not want in a boss. it's pretty commonly asked how mallory still works for him because if he's a jerk to everyone else, he has to be terrible to her too. and he's admittedly pretty demanding as a boss and mal's on call 24/7. he takes full advantage of that.

he's not, however, all that bad to his pa. mallory's surprised when he remembers her birthday (especially considering it's her job to remember birthdays for him) and she knows full well he's not as tough as he seems all the time.

considering how much time the two spend together, and how mallory knows basically every intimate detail of his life, it's only natural the two are close. sometimes, they're mistaken for a married couple and when that happens, mal gets all flustered because she'd like nothing more than to be a couple with him. she's pretty in love with him, but she hasn't said a thing because it'd bad business to fall in love with your boss, but it's even worse to act on it. she takes a lot of pride in her job and it's basically her life. she doesn't want to risk it considering as far as she can tell, he doesn't feel the same way.

this plot doesn't have to be final! in fact, he doesn't even have to reciprocate her feelings. it'd be great if he did because it could be cute, but if you're interested in the drama, we can make it messy! i'd just really love to see the two of them.

as far as faces go, it'd be cool to see sebastian stan because i'm a sucker for crackship gifs. but if you don't want use him, totally fine! all i ask is that he falls between the 30-45 age range. as far as faces go, i'm not picky! all i ask is he be within the 30 to 45 range. i'm super agreeable, so feel free to run anyone past me! (:

00. open membergroup.
"who the hell is bucky?"

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